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Health insurance,

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Your employer values you, your health and your time, by giving you best access to quality healthcare.

Your employer values you, your health and your time, by giving you best access to quality healthcare.

With the new health solution, you no longer have to figure out which doctor to turn to. The unique health guide will hear you out and support you on your journey until the issue has been solved.

Personal Health Concierge

The Concierge - the team of doctors and nurses, is available for you 12 hours a day and 7 days a week. They know your health history and will help you to find the best solution to your health problem.


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High-quality healthcare partners

We have developed our service based on the high quality of our healthcare partners.

Our partners include the leading healthcare providers in Estonia, who are expert, modern, and versatile. These include both public service providers and private healthcare companies.

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Viveo’s health solution complements the national health insurance and gives you a personal Health Concierge. This means that you will get a quicker response and do not have to look for answers in the health system. You can call us regardless of how serious your problem is.

A company can conclude a contract for Viveo’s health solution for its employees

Viveo’s health solution

  • You can call the Health Guide at any time; it will listen to your problem, find a solution, and book a doctor’s appointment, if necessary
  • Use the possibilities of modern telemedicine, which will help you save time
  • Convenient access to nurses and doctors close to you
  • A personal and confidential overview of your health data
  • Shorter waiting times and no redirecting to several doctors
  • Access to the best clinics in Estonia.

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