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Health insurance

for employers that understand

Keep your employees healthy and happy. Viveo gives them an overview of their health and fast access to doctors and specialists.

Keep your employees healthy and happy. Viveo gives them an overview of their health and fast access to doctors and specialists.

Offering employee health solution has clear benefits

  • It is clear proof that you care about the wellbeing of your employees
  • You become more attractive as an employer
  • Take advantage of the national tax system to protect your employees health
  • Enrolling your company is fast and convenient

Several employee satisfaction studies have revealed that the three main factors behind work-related happiness are efficient health insurance, adequate holidays, and flexible working hours.

Viveo Health solution covers medical expenses and ensures that the health issue is resolved as quickly as possible.
Today, the success of employers is very closely linked to how their employees feel and how their motivation and satisfaction is increased
Healthy employees are happy employees. They are loyal and miss fewer days at work. Unhappy employees, however, are always looking for a new job and are generally less motivated. The new health protection system provides a clear competitive advantage making sure there are more happy employees in Estonia.
Physical health is directly linked to mental capabilities. Repetitive movements and regular sitting can have a negative impact on work-related happiness and performance. Timely intervention and professional assistance help employees to be physically healthy and happy.
Work-related stress is a serious issue and is the second most common problem among work-related illnesses. A person must be able to ask for help if they detect early stress-related symptoms. The sooner the person receives help, the sooner they will overcome their stress. Ideally, the long recovery period related to stress-related illnesses will not be necessary at all.
Labour shortage is a well-known problem. In the European Union, only Sweden exceeds Estonia in employment rate. Therefore, company benefits packages that go beyond salary have become imperative. We believe a company culture that demonstrates concern for employee wellbeing attracts the best talent.
National health insurance can only go so far, and people expect modern health services to provide more. Meanwhile employers are struggling to compete for talented workforce on the labour market.Viveo helps with these hurdles and offers contemporary health solutions, which are primarily designed for Estonian workers

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