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Employee health solution

Expectations of health solutions keep rising continuously, and employers are becoming more interested in taking care of their employees’ health. Viveo offers contemporary health solutions designed for Estonian workers.

The key to Viveo's solution is in actively motivating employees to take care of their health. Viveo goes beyond the national health insurance to offer employees quick access to suitable healthcare at all times.

Developed in collaboration with doctors, Viveo aims to meet and exceed the expectations of health solution. Partnering with carefully selected health service providers allows us to offer employees a single seamless experience.

Viveo’s health protection offers tax benefits and provides employers insightsinto the overall health of their workforce.

Viveo’s health protection

  • Individual health risk assessment
  • Personal health plan
  • Visits to specialists, general practitioners, and nurses
  • Tests and analyses
  • Other opinions
  • Additional services such as psychology and health examination
  • Flexible and quick access to specialists
  • Summary of the workforce’s health to the employer

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